Permit requirements vary across counties and cities per location. In North Carolina, the building code requires that sheds exceeding 12 feet in any direction need a permit. If your shed is smaller than 12×12, you may only need a zoning permit, or you may not need a permit at all.. If you are not sure, contact your city’s zoning departments. They can answer your questions and help you secure a permit, if needed.

Upon request, a standard set of engineered plans are available for Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina that can help obtain a permit.

Liberty does provide plans and upgrades to meet these high wind areas in Eastern North Carolina. You will want to talk to your local dealer for these details.


Our engineered plans are rated only for sheds and are not rated for the extra weight requirements of garages for vehicles.

You should allow for a minimum of one foot on each side of your shed or gazebo. If your fence opening is too small, you can either temporarily remove a section or two of your fence for delivery or choose to have the unit built on-site.

There also must be enough room to maneuver corners or go under wires or tree branches. We recommend everyone review the information on the delivery page for more delivery considerations. If unsure if the shed will fit, ask your salesperson for a site visit.

Yes. You sure can! We offer an on-site build experience for those who simply have no room for traditional shed delivery. There is an additional fee for this service. See your local sales team for details.


Feel free to reach out to our customer care team at 252-649-5630 or by email at [email protected]. They will be happy to help you.

Liberty Sheds are warranted for ten years from the date of installation against defects in materials and workmanship.