Shed Options


With upgrades to doors, windows, and even wall heights, you can choose options that complete your dream shed.


*Prices do not include sales tax.

Maintenance-Free Aluminum Ramps
Single Door Ramp = $305
Standard Double Door Ramp = $420
Large Double Door Ramp = $630
Heavy Duty Garage Ramp = $775

Single Painted or Treated Door $180
Double Painted or Treated Doors $360 

Single Fiberglass Door $280
Double Fiberglass Doors $560 

Single Southern Classic Door $290
Double Southern Classic Doors $580 

Add 9-Lite Glass to Fiberglass Door $95 per door

Single Fiberglass House Door, Prehung & Insulated $535
Double Fiberglass House Door, Prehung & Insulated $1,135
Add 9-Lite Glass to House Door $95 per door

Add 11-Lite Glass to Fiberglass Door
$115 per door

Diamond Plate Threshold $8 per linear foot
(not available for garage door openings)

Add Deluxe Hinges to Painted or Stained Door $30 per door


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

Many shed styles come with windows or transom glass. You can add always add more to let even more light into your building.


Flower Box $45


36×36 Window $190
Louvered Shutters $65 per pair

24×36 Window $145
Raised Panel Shutters $65 per pair

24×36 Window $145
Z-Shutters $65 per pair

18×36 Window $140


Octagon Window $180

Transom Glass

Adding transom glass is one of the best ways to let light flood through your shed without sacrificing security. Placing them at the gable ends helps light reach to the furthest corners.

24” Transom Glass for placement above windows $110 each
24” Insulated Transom Glass available for $165

48” Transom Glass $220

72” Transom Glass $295

96” Transom Glass (above Garage Door) $365


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

Three-Tier Shelves $14 per linear foot.


Standard lofts are placed at the gable ends of sheds. Lofted sheds automatically come with one or two 4-foot lofts. To add additional loft space, the price is $4.75 per square foot. 

Standard Loft

Uniquely Liberty, the U-Loft features 2-foot wide lofts down the length of the shed with the 4-foot loft at a gable end.

Get even more loft space by selecting the O-Loft which features 2-foot lofts around the entire perimeter of the shed.


Think creatively! Make them short, long, or L-Shaped. Don’t forget the electric package. Placing an outlet above the workbench provides added convenience. Workbenches are 2-tier and $21.00 per linear foot.


Nothing offers flexibility and organization like pegboard. Pegboard sections are 4-foot tall and are $7 per linear foot.

Interior walls can be added to help divide your interior space.

The price is:
8’ Wide = $340; 10’ Wide = $435
12’ Wide = $495; 14’ Wide = $560

Extend OSB wall to ceiling for $180.
Add 3-foot interior door for $130.


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

Electric Package Elements

With electric, these sheds are true power houses! 

Plug in your tools. Charge your batteries. Utilize a garage door opener. Turn on some lights!! It makes sheds even more useful to have electric.

Our electric package is delivered ready to be connected to your power source by a licensed electrician or home owner. This connection is not a service provided by Liberty.


Outdoor Light on Vinyl Siding $180


Outdoor Light on Wood Siding $120


Outdoor Receptacle on Vinyl Siding $180


Outdoor Receptacle on Wood Siding $120


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

We build sheds on-site for limited access situations. See your local dealer for details.

Poly Floor Shield $4.70 per sq ft 

High Walls (Add 12” to Standard 6’4” Utility Side Wall Height)

Add 5% of base price for painted and stained sheds.

Classic Vent $35 each

Ridge Vent $7 per linear foot.

nterior Wall Studs only,
$27 per linear foot


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

Standard Cupola $350
Standard Weathervane $135

Standard Weathervane Options

Premier Copper or Black Cupola $995
Premier Copper Weathervane $590

Premier Copper Weathervane Options


*Prices do not include local sales tax.

Not all options are available with all shed styles. Value series sheds are not eligible to receive most options.